Zero Flight Time Training

Application and guidance information associated with Zero Flight Time Training (ZFTT)

Zero Flight Time Training (ZFTT) refers to the training given on an aircraft type rating course that is carried out entirely in a simulator. This method of training is not available for every pilot; the entry requirements are contained in JAR-FCL 1.261 and it is the training organisation's responsibility to ensure that only qualified pilots start it.

CAA Approval is required to conduct such training courses.

Organisational Requirements

In order to be eligible to conduct ZFTT, the training organisation (TO) concerned will need to comply with the following requirements:

  • It must have a specific approved arrangement with an EU-OPS operator.
  • It shall ensure that the student pre-requisites are met before starting the course.
  • The type rating will be restricted to that particular operator until line flying under supervision has been accomplished.
  • A specific simulator session including a minimum of six additional take-offs and landings shall be conducted according to EU-OPS 1.945(d)(2).
  • The Flight Simulator(s) must be suitably qualified in accordance with JAR-STD and User approved (for ZFTT) by the Authority.
  • For an initial approval to conduct ZFTT, the operator shall have held an EU-OPS AOC for at least one year. This requirement may be reduced at the discretion of the Authority where the operator and the TRTO have experience of type rating training.
  • Instructors for the ZFTT session must be qualified as a TRI (Aeroplanes) and those instructors completing the first four take-offs and landings of the Line Flying Under Supervision must also be TRI(A) qualified.

Simulator Requirements

ZFTT may be conducted only in JAR-STD 1A Level C or D simulators. A Simulator User Approval specifically permitting ZFTT for each FFS will be required.

Applying for the addition of ZFTT to an existing Simulator User Approval

An operator or TRTO wishing to add ZFTT to the TRTO Course Approval must satisfy the Personnel Licensing Department requirements for inclusion in the manual. 

Applying for ZFTT Approval

CAA Form SRG 1175, together with the appropriate fee, should be sent to The Personnel Licensing Department Approvals and Support Section. Details of costs can be found in the CAA Scheme of Charges - Personnel Licensing.

Further Information

Personnel Licensing Department