Flight Engineer Type Rating Examiners

Informaiton about becoming a Flight Engineer Type Rating Examiner

Please note that the CAA does not plan to adopt JAR-FCL 4 in the foreseeable future. However, the document will be used as the basis for training and testing flight engineers.

FETREs should have knowledge of the pilot examiner document, CAA Standards Document 24 - "Guidance to Examiners: Multi-Pilot Aeroplanes Type Rating Skill Tests and Proficiency Checks"

Initial appointment and checking of FETRE

There is no formal requirement for a FETRE to be qualified as a Type Rating Instructor; however, the skills applicable to the role of a FETRE are analogous to the role of a pilot Type Rating Examiner.

EU-OPS Subpart N requirements for Crew Resource Management (CRM) training is applicable to all flight crew.

This is reflected in CAP 737 - "Crew Resource Management Training" and CAA Standards Document 29 - "Guidance Notes for Accreditation Standards for CRM Instructors and CRM Instructor Examiners" It is therefore applicable to flight engineers and pilots alike.

Pre-requisites for FETRE appointment:

A Flight Engineer shall hold the following prior to application for appointment to FETRE;

  • A Flight Engineer’s Licence and current rating on the type.

  • 1500 hours flight time as a flight engineer on an aircraft certified for multi-pilot operations with a flight engineer requirement.

  • Completion of 30 route sectors on the applicable aircraft type in the 12 months preceding the Instructor Course. 15 of these may be completed in a flight simulator.

  • Attendance on an Instructors Core Course incorporating CRM Instructor accreditation.

  • Attendance on an Instructors Type Specific Course incorporating CRM Instructor accreditation.

  • On a complete Type Rating course, under the supervision of a Flight Engineer Instructor, satisfactory completion of at least three hours of flight instruction related to the duties of an instructor on the applicable aircraft type or flight simulator.

  • Attendance on Day 1 of a CAA TRE (Pilot) Standardisation Course and successful completion of the written exam with questions relevant to a Flight Engineer.

  • Attendance on six simulator sessions, under the supervision of a Training Flight Engineer, involving an Operator Proficiency Check (OPC).

Validity of FETRE appointment

The authorisation of a FETRE is valid for a maximum period of three years. As part of the re-validation check, a CAA Training Inspector confirm the candidate’s continued ability to hold an instructor rating and will ascertain the candidate’s knowledge of the relevant legislation.

Applying for FETRE appointment or Re-validation of FETRE authorisation

CAA Form SRG3102, together with the appropriate fee, should be sent to the Flight Operations Inspectorate (Training Standards). Details of costs can be found in the CAA Scheme of Charges - Personnel Licensing.

Further Information

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