FSTD User Approvals

Information regarding Flight Simulation Training Device (FSTD) User Approval

The requirement for a User Approval is set out in the operational requirements of EU-OPS for aeroplanes. 

The CAA may grant a User Approval to an Organisation wishing to use a particular qualified Flight Simulation Training Device (FSTD), which is either a Full Flight Simulator (FFS) or a Flight Training Device (FTD) for the purpose of training, testing and checking its flight crew (including Flight Engineers as appropriate).

The Issue of a User Approval

The CAA will normally accept User Approval applications from UK Organisations only.

Organisations applying for a User Approval will normally hold a valid Air Operator Certificate (AOC) for the relevant aircraft type. Other cases for granting a User Approval are considered by FSTD Standards on an individual basis taking into account the need for and the competences required for the training activity.

User Approvals remain valid only if the FSTD maintains its specified qualification level and if all related conditions and limitations listed on the Qualification Certificate for the FSTD and User Approval are complied with.

Important Note

The CAA has implemented  the EC Regulation 1178/2011, consequently  the approval of a FSTD for training for Part-FCL licences and ratings will be part of an Approved Training Organisation (ATO)  certificate (and the associated course approval(s)). For the continuation (recurrent) licensing credits and the operational checks required by the regulations for Air Operations, currently EU-OPS (for fixed wing), a  User Approvals will still be required. It is envisaged that when Part OPO is implemented in late 2014 the approval for use will be managed by the ATO certificate and the approval of the Aircraft Operator's  Operations Manual (Part D).

The current process also requires a declaration to be made in respect of the differences between the FSTD and the User's aircraft for which training is being undertaken.  Additional information concerning identified differences and training mitigation must be submitted with the application where appropriate.

The Issue of User Approvals for FSTDs not qualified by the CAA

FSTDs Qualified by EU Member States

The legal responsibility for the acceptance of a device and the issue of a User Approval remains with the relevant National Aviation Authority which for UK Users is the CAA. The Aircrew Regulation has now been implemented by all the EU Member States and the CAA is obliged  to accept the qualification issued by another Member State and issue any requested User Approval without further evaluation.

FSTDs Qualified by other National Aviation Authorities

Users wishing to seek training, testing and/or checking credits from FSTDs located overseas and that do not hold a valid  European  Qualification (Certificate) should contact FSTD Standards for further guidance. 

FSTD Changes

A FSTD, during its working life, may be purchased by another Operator, relocated, modified, updated or upgraded. Such changes may affect the User Approval. It is the responsibility of the User to ensure that the device being used remains qualified to the appropriate level that supports his training needs.

Applying for a User Approval

Application form  SRG 2122, together with the appropriate fee (and, if applicable, additional information concerning the differences between the FSTD and the User's aircraft), should be sent to FSTD Standards.  Details of fees can be found in the CAA Scheme of Charges - Personnel Licensing.

If the FSTD has been qualified by another EU Member State a copy of the current Qualification Certificate and the latest Evaluation Report must also be enclosed.

Application for an initial User Approval should be submitted as early as possible. For renewal of a User Approval application must be with CAA no later than 15 working days prior to expiry of the current Approval.

A User Approval or renewal thereof is valid for a fixed period of 12 months.