Flight and Navigation Procedures Trainers

Information regarding the UK Qualification of a Flight and Navigation Procedures Trainer

This page describes the qualification process for Flight and Navigation Procedures Training devices only. Refer also to the page on Full Flight Simulators and for Flight Training Devices if applicable.

 FNPT Qualification

A Qualification Certificate is granted for an unlimited duration to a FNPT that has been successfully evaluated by the CAA for compliance with the relevant regulatory requirements.

The current regulatory technical standard used by the CAA for the qualification of all Flight Simulation Training Devices (FSTDs, including FNPTs) is CS-FSTD.  There are two individual codes of requirements.  CS-FSTD A is applicable to aeroplane simulations and CS-FSTD H is applicable to helicopter simulations.

FSTDs are subject to an initial evaluation leading to a ‘qualification’ and are then evaluated recurrently on an annual basis.  A Qualification Certificate is issued when the CAA is satisfied that the device, together with the Compliance Monitoring System supporting its operation, meets the requirements of the appropriate Part ARA and Part ORA requirements.  A Qualification Certificate is valid for an unlimited duration, subject to annual recurrent evaluation.  

Initial and Recurrent Qualification of FNPT

The principles and processes leading to the initial qualification or the continued qualification of a FNPT are nominally the same as for the Full Flight Simulators.

However, the CS-FSTD technical standards include specific requirements for FNPT devices which are different in many areas from the requirements for the qualification of Full Flight Simulators and Flight Training Devices.

The evaluation team normally consists of a Technical Inspector and a Flight Inspector (Flight Examiner). Depending on the number of configurations being requested to be qualified an initial evaluation will normally take two days to complete and a recurrent evaluation one day. 

Advisory Information for Applicants

Further guidance information regarding the qualification of FNPTs, including helpful guidance and clarification of the requirement material, can be found in CAA Standards Document 18  - Notes for the Qualification and Approval of Flight and Navigation Procedures Devices and Basic Instrument Training Devices.

Note: The requirements for the qualification of Basic Instrument Training Devices (BITD) are also contained in the CS-FSTD documents. CAA Standards Document 18 also provides information in support of the acceptance of BITDs. For further information in respect of BITDs please contact the CAA FSTD Standards Section.  

Applying for UK CAA Qualification or Revalidation of a Qualification of a FNPT

CAA Form SRG 2198 together with the appropriate fee should be sent to CAA  FSTD Standards, FSTD.standards@caa.co.uk.  Details of costs can be found in the CAA Scheme of Charges - Personnel Licensing.

For an initial qualification an application must normally be submitted a minimum of three months prior to the intended date of operation. Applications for revalidation should be submitted as early as possible but no later than 60 days prior to the end of the 12-month recurrent evaluation period.   It is the responsibility of the FNPT operator to apply (using form SRG 2198) well within these time scales in order to ensure compliance with the regulation.