MMELs and MELs

Minimum Equipment Lists (MELs) and Master Minimum Equipment Lists(MMELs)

CAP 549 - "Master Minimum Equipment Lists (MMELs) and Minimum Equipment Lists (MELs)" and JAR-MMEL/MEL are comprehensive sources of information. They collate the relevant information and regulations and provide guidance on the following topics:

  • Approval and Amendment of the MMEL
  • Production of the MEL
  • Amendments to the MEL
  • Non-standard Procedures
  • Operations with Multiple Unserviceabilities
  • Rectification Intervals
  • Rectification Interval Extensions (RIEs)
  • Air Navigation Order Permission
  • Example MMEL and MEL Preambles
  • Minimum Equipment List Compliance Document

In accordance with the Air Navigation Order and EU-OPS 1.030/JAR-OPS 3.030, a UK registered aircraft shall not commence flight if any of the required equipment is missing or inoperable unless a Permission/Approval to do so has been issued by the CAA.

Terms used in FAA MMELs (including RIE) are according to the definitions defined in FAA Policy Letter 25.

An MEL is based upon the relevant Master Minimum Equipment List (MMEL) and requires approval from the CAA.

The Approval of an operator's MEL forms the Permission required for flight in these circumstances.

Operations outside of the procedures detailed in the MEL are prohibited unless permission is granted by the CAA. Permissions will not be granted for operations outside of the constraints of the MMEL.

CAA MMEL Policy Items

For your convenience, the CAA MMEL Policy Items and the CAA MMEL Helicopter Type-Specific Policy Items have been moved to the Publications area of the CAA website. This enables subscribed users to receive free email notifications whenever an MMEL Policy Item is updated.

CAA MMEL Policy Items are under constant review as we transition transition towards EASA-approved MMELs in 2012. Many CAA MMEL Policy Items have already been withdrawn where it is considered that suitable policies exist in the JAA Administrative and Guidance Material, Section 4, Part 3, Temporary Guidance Leaflet 26, or where the CAA Policy is now considered out-of-date. Where the operational applicability of a CAA MMEL Policy Item refers to JAR-OPS 1, this may now be considered applicable to EU-OPS.

Further Information

MEL Preparation Guide

MEL Compliance Document

MEL Compliance Document - Word version

Helicopter MEL Preparation Guide

FODCOM 21/03 - "MEL Approval/Permissions Procedure"

JAA Administration and Guidance Material Administration and Guidance Material - Section 4 Part 3, TGL (JAR-OPS) 26: "Guidance Document for MEL Policy"