Occupation Health & Safety Regulation

Sets out Employee Health & Safety Protection required by Regulations.

The Regulation states that:

"An employer shall ensure that each crew member employed by him is at all times during the course of that employment provided with adequate health and safety protection and prevention services or facilities appropriate to the nature of his employment".

In recognition that most airlines already had in place Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) arrangements that were being applied within the aircraft environment, it was self-evident that the identification of  ‘best practice’ and supporting guidance should be drawn from the existing expertise of the industry OH&S practitioners.

The CAA formed the Aviation Occupational Health and Safety Steering Group (AOH&SSG) to bring together a range of interested parties that now includes airlines, regulators, trade associations and Trades Unions.

The main objective of the group is to provide a forum in which best practice in the application of OH&S in the aircraft environment is shared among the airline practitioners. In support of that function, the Steering Group representatives also draw up guidance on agreed good practice, which is published in Civil Aviation Publication (CAP 757).  The level of this work is limited to selected issues and is only undertaken when it is deemed necessary to complement existing HSE OH&S guidance, which is acknowledged as being sufficient to meet most needs of the air operators and their employees. Within its general aim to contribute to the prevention of incidents and injuries, the Steering Group recognises the importance of being able to share data and research material for the ‘greater good’. Thus, to better facilitate free exchanges the Chatham House Rule is invoked during Group’s discussions. Steering Group Objecive. Principles and Business Boundaries.

The forum also provides a means of raising awareness on the activities and responsibilities of those engaged in the overlapping areas of OH&S, aviation health and aviation safety. See also HSE/CAA Memorandum of Understanding

It should be noted that health and safety requirements under the Civil Aviation (Working Time) Regulations 2004 only apply to crew members and do not extend to other persons such as passengers or ground workers.

Nevertheless, although risks to passengers are not covered by the Civil Aviation (Working Time) Regulations 2004, other legislation (such as the Health & Safety at Work etc 1974 Act which is enforced by the HSE) requires that aircraft operators take measures to manage risks to other individuals such as passengers and ground staff.