Part M Subpart G Approvals

Application guidance for maintenance organisations

Regulation (EC) No. 2042/2003 determines the rules for the continuing airworthiness and maintenance of aircraft subject to EASA regulation. Part M Subpart G of this regulation concerns the management of continuing airworthiness of EASA aircraft.

Organisations approved to Part M Subpart G can additionally be approved to make recommendations to a competent authority that an Airworthiness Review Certificate (EASA Form 15a) may be issued or in certain cases issue and extend an Airworthiness Review Certificate (EASA Form 15b) under the terms of their approval.

Part M Subpart G organisations holding the Airworthiness Review privilege may also be approved to issue Permits to Fly in accordance with Part 21 Subpart P when the aircraft is in conformity with the approved Flight Conditions. Please note: this privilege does not allow the Part M Subpart G organisation to approve the Flight Conditions.

There are two discrete elements of a Part M Subpart G approval:

  • Those associated with the aircraft registrations listed on the organisations Air Operators Certificate (AOC) and covering the continuing airworthiness management of commercial air transport (CAT) aircraft.
  • Those associated with the continuing airworthiness management of aircraft not involved in commercial air transport (non-CAT), as listed on their Part M Subpart G approval certificate. 

Who can apply

An organisation, located in the UK that wishes to carry out the management of continuing airworthiness of eligible aircraft.

Organisations located outside the UK, including the Channel Islands, should apply directly to EASA.

How to apply 

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