Transport Canada Maintenance Approvals

Oversight of Transport Canada CAR 571 and CAR 573 approvals held by organisations that hold Part 145 approval

Organisations may hold an approval from Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA) to maintain aircraft or components for aircraft that are registered on the Canadian Aircraft Register.

A Bilateral Agreement between EU and Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA) was signed on 2 February 2012. 

The Bilateral Agreement means that NAA’s in Europe will undertake the oversight of organisations that hold EASA Part 145 approval and TCCA CAR 571 and 573 Approval. This means that the UK CAA will undertake the oversight of those organisations where the main base is in the UK.    

Who can apply

Organisations that are based in the UK and hold a valid EASA Part 145 approval or are making application for an EASA Part 145 approval.

How to apply

Please note that the online application form is not suitable for making concurrent applications (FAA/TCCA).  Separate applications must be made, but if they are made on the same day then the CAA will treat as concurrent applications for charging purposes in accordance with the Airworthiness Scheme of Charges.

The online form is not suitable for notifying CAA of a name change only (i.e. one without a company number change).

Applications and Approvals
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