Organisation and Maintenance Programme Approvals

Application and guidance information for the approval of an Organisation or Maintenance Programme

The Applications and Approvals Department will charge for replacements and copies of documents to be issued on request, however please note that the charge will be applied per certificate.

Any organisation wishing to conduct work in relation to the continuing airworthiness or maintenance of a UK registered aircraft must seek approval to do so.

Application and approval processes are dependent upon the aircraft regulator.

CAP 747 "Mandatory Requirements for Airworthiness" contains the specific list of European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and non-EASA aircraft Types.

CAP 562 Leaflet C20 - “Approval of Organisations” provides further information regarding the requirements set for the CAA approval of an organisation.

EASA requirements are detailed on the Organisation Approvals area of their website.

Further Information

CAP 562, Leaflet B-30 - "Changes Affecting Design and Production Organisations"

Safety Management Systems - Guidance to Organisations

CAA Process Flowchart

Initial and Variation Approval Application