Part M Subpart F - Initial Applications

Application guidance for maintenance organisations

Regulation (EC) No. 2042/2003 details the rules for the continuing airworthiness and maintenance of aircraft subject to EASA regulation. Part M Subpart F of this Regulation concerns the maintenance of EASA aircraft with a MTOM of 5700 kg and below and components that are used for non-commercial air transport


Maintenance organisations must be located in the UK.

Organisations located outside the UK, including the Channel Islands, should apply directly to EASA


Airworthiness Application Charges

In the event of a discrepancy between the information here and the Official Record Series 5, CAA Scheme of Charges (Airworthiness, Noise Certification and Aircraft and Aircraft Engine Emissions), the Scheme of Charges takes precedence.

If the number of hours taken by the CAA to carry out its investigations in relation to the application exceeds the cost shown above, the applicant must pay an excess hourly charge. The CAA shall determine the excess hourly charge by taking the total number of excess hours taken by the CAA to complete the required investigations in relation to the application and multiplying that number of hours by an hourly charge. The balance for the excess hourly charge (total hourly charge less initial charge already paid) is payable by the applicant to the CAA and will be invoiced to the applicant.

Payments can be made by credit or debit card or by bank transfer or by a cheque made payable to the Civil Aviation Authority.
When using bank transfer, it would be helpful if you could please identify what the payment is for by including your approval reference and receiving department.  

Processing time (On receipt of all required information)

Correctly completed applications will be processed, acknowledged and passed to the Regional Office for investigation within 10 working days.Approval certificates will be processed and dispatched within 20 working days following receipt of a recommendation from a CAA Regional Office.

Validity period

Approvals remain valid unless cancelled, suspended or revoked.
Once granted an approval requires a recommendation for continuation every 24 months from the date of issue. This is raised by the CAA Surveyor following a satisfactory audit programme.

Associated rules, regulations and forms 

Certificate of Incorporation

A company is a separate Legal Entity governed by the Companies Act, which conducts activities on its own behalf and is distinct from the persons who own and control it. The shareholders are the owners and control the company, but their liability in relation to the company's creditors is limited. Incorporation is the process by which the company is entered on the register at the Companies Registry, and thereby comes into existence as a separate legal person. A Certificate of Incorporation will be sent to the company by the Companies Registry on first incorporation and on any change of name.

You will need to provide

EASA Form 2 signed by the proposed Accountable Manager. The aircraft ratings should be listed as per EASA Part 66 Appendix 1 listings
Relevant fee
Copy of the company Certificate of Incorporation if your organisation is trading as a registered company
Draft of the Company Maintenance Organisation Manual
EASA Form 4’s for all nominated personnel

How to apply

Compile the application pack:

  • Draft the organisations Maintenance Organisation Manual (MOM)
  • An EASA Form 4 for all  nominated personnel
  • An EASA Form 2 application
  • Relevant fee
  • Submit the application pack to Applications and Approvals at the address below.  

What to expect 

  • Your application will be acknowledged within 10 working days
  • A Technical Support Officer will make an initial assessment of your application and MOM and will contact you with any queries
  • The Resource Management Team will contact you to arrange for an Airworthiness Surveyor to carry out the on-site audit.
    Any questions regarding the scheduling of your on site visit can be directed to the Resource Management Team at 01293 573600
  • An Airworthiness Surveyor will conduct an audit against the requirements and any audit findings will be raised in an audit report.
  • The Airworthiness Surveyor will review the nominated personnel. Interviews for key personnel may be carried out.
  • If findings have been raised the organisation should address the findings and notify the Airworthiness Surveyor of the actions taken
  • Once any audit findings relating to the initial application have been closed and when the Airworthiness Surveyor is able to, a recommendation for the issue of the approval will be forwarded to A&A.
  • When A&A receive the recommendation the approval certificates will be raised and sent to your organisation within 20 working days
  • On receipt of the certificates, your organisation may commence undertaking and releasing work

Should your organisation wish to fast track your certificates, please see our Same Day Service information. 

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