Welder Approvals - Guidance for applicants

Information for welders on applying for an approval from the CAA


Welders Approval Certificates are applicable to persons who weld metallic parts which are essential to the airworthiness of an aircraft.


Welders shall prepare and weld appropriate test sample(s) in accordance with BCAR A8-10.

The test sample(s) shall be submitted to a CAA approved Test House for examination together with full particulars of the welder concerned, materials used, details of any post-welding treatment and identification marks on the test sample(s).

Upon receiving from the Test House an Approved Test Certificate indicating successful test results on the sample(s) the welder shall forward the original copy of the Approved Test Certificate to the CAA.


Applications made before 1 April 2015 

  • The cost of issuing a Welders Approval Certificate is £110 per certificate

Applications made from 1 April 2015

  • The cost of issuing a Welders Approval Certificate is £109 per certificate

In the case of discrepancies, the Scheme of Charges (Airworthiness, Noise Certification and Aircraft and Aircraft Engine Emissions) refers and will be the definitive charge

Processing time (On receipt of all required information)

The service standard for the issue of a Welders Approval Certificate is ten working days from receipt of a completed application and appropriate fee.

Validity period

Approvals are valid for one calendar year from the date of issue.

Associated rules and regulations

You will need to provide

How to Apply

One application form should be completed for each welders group required and forwarded to Applications and Approvals (A&A) either by email or post.
Where multiple groups are required, multiple forms can be submitted with one payment.

What to expect

  • A&A will process the fee and pass to Certification Projects for assessment
  • The Technical Assistant will assess the application and may contact the applicant to request further supporting information
  • Once the application has been assessed, if the certificate can be granted, a Welders Approval Certificate will be produced and sent to the applicant
  • All Approved Test Certificates will be returned

Contact us

Still not sure what to do, then contact apply@caa.co.uk