Restoration, modification and repairs

Information regarding the approval of restoration, modification or repair of UK registered aircraft.

All modifications and repairs require assessment and approval in order not to jeopardise the safety of or airworthiness of the aircraft.

The approval process is dependant upon whether the aircraft is subject to UK National (CAA) or European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) regulation and whether the change is considered minor or major.

EASA and Non-EASA regulated aircraft

CAP 747- ''Mandatory requirements for airworthiness'' contains the list of specific EASA and non-EASA aircraft types.

It also provides a statement of the general categories of aircraft that are excluded form European regulations and so remain subject to National rules.

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Minor and Major Modifications and Repairs

Regulation (EC) 1702/2003 (Subpart D, 21A 90-97 Inclusive) contains the EASA definitions of minor and major changes.

It defines a minor change as being "one that has no appreciable effect on the mass, balance, structural strength, reliability, operational characteristics, noise, fuel venting, exhaust emissions or other characteristics affecting the airworthiness".

By default, therefore, a change is considered major if it cannot be considered minor.

In the case of CAA regulated aircraft, the CAA adopts a similar approach.

Restoration and Major Repairs (Special Surveys)

In the case of a major restoration, repair or rebuilding project expected to exceed fifteen months duration the local CAA Regional Office must be advised of the project at the earliest opportunity. An application for a Special Survey should be made by the owner to Applications & Approval Department at Aviation House, Gatwick. (See CAAIP General Information, Contact Details)

Information on restoration, rebuilding or major repair of aircraft can be found in CAP 562 Leaflet 11-45 

Application for a special survey should be made on AD281 accompanied by the relevant payment as specified in the Scheme of Charges ORS5. No 240 Para 3.5 

Further Information

CAP 562, Leaflet 11-47 - "Overhauls, Modifications, Repairs and Replacements to Aircraft not Exceeding 2730 kg with a Certificate of Airworthiness in the Special Category"