Mandatory Permit Directives

This page provides details of Mandatory Permit Directives (MPDs) published by the Civil Aviation Authority in accordance with British Civil Airworthiness Requirements (BCAR) Chapter A5-8.


Mandatory Permit Directives summarise actions that are required to be complied with by UK Owners and Operators of Permit to Fly aircraft.

CAP 661 - Mandatory Permit Directives contains all issued MPDs up until 31 January 2012, when the publication ceased to be amended. The MPDs in CAP 661 remain valid and are not ‘withdrawn’, unless stated in the Alphabetical list below, where the entry will state that it has been cancelled/superseded. Further information can be found in Information Notice 2012/015.

The links listed below will take you to the relevant status report.

MPDs issued since 1 January 2011 under the Safety Directive banner

Cancelled / Superseded MPDs issued under the Safety Directive banner

Alphabetical List of MPDs

Proposed MPDs (PMPDs).

PMPDs are available for review and comment. The closing date for comments is stated at the end of the PMPD. Comments should be sent to the AD Unit .



MPDs are published on the website under Safety Critical Information and distributed via the CAA Publication Notification Service.

If you require  to be notified of MPDs you will need to register for our free publications subscription service and choose the safety critical information category. Once you have subscribed you will be notified every time a new MPD is published on the CAA website.




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Please note that the Safety Critical Information category also includes Emergency ADs.