Human and Environmental Issues

Information regarding Human and Environmental Issues

The effect of aviation upon people and the environment is an area of concern.


The health, comfort and safety of those travelling by air, particularly in regard to deep vein thrombosis (DVTs) and cabin air quality has received a substantial amount of media coverage.

In addition to their investigation, approval and continued oversight of safety, the CAA Cabin Safety Office provides advice and guidance to the travelling public and the aviation industry on maters of operational cabin safety. Further information can be found on the Cabin Safety Office WebPages.

The Passenger Information pages also provide information relating to the health and safety of passengers.

Additionally, the Department for Transport website contains information and discussion documents relating to safety, passenger comfort and the environment.

Environmental Issues

The CAA Environmental Research and Consultancy Department is actively involved in such fields as noise monitoring, the effects of noise on people and air pollution. Further information is can be found on the CAA and the Environment page.  The Directorate of Airspace Policy WebPages contain downloadable information leaflets regarding environmental issues such as aircraft emissions and fuel dumping.


Complaints about aircraft noise resulting from operations at a particular airport or aerodrome should be made directly to the operator of the airport/ aerodrome concerned (see links to UK airport websites). This approach is consistent with  with the policy of successive governments that local problems concerning the environmental impact of aircraft operations should be resolved locally.

However, more general complaints or enquiries related to the environmental impact of aviation should be made to the Aviation Related Environmental Enquiries (AREE). If you wish to register a complaint, please contact AREE using the contact details on the AREE webpage.

Further Information

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