Application and guidance information associated with Precision Area Navigation (P-RNAV)

P-RNAV is a further development of Basic Area Navigation (B-RNAV). It is being implemented in Terminal airspace to obtain the increased operating capability and environmental benefits arising from route flexibility.

Any operator wishing to operate P-RNAV procedures in such airspace must hold an approval issued by the state of aircraft registry.

For lateral navigation, P-RNAV compatible equipment automatically determines aircraft position in the horizontal plane. Navigation parameters such as distance and bearing to a waypoint are computed and guidance is then output to the navigation displays and systems enabling the aircraft to follow the required path.

Applying for P-RNAV Approval- AOC Holders

Completed CAA Form SRG 1815 should be sent to the Flight Operations Policy Department. At present, no charge is made for P-RNAV Approval for AOC Holders. Applicants should also inform their assigned Flight Operations Inspector.

Applying for P-RNAV Approval- Non-AOC Holders

Completed CAA Form SRG 1815, together with the appropriate fee, should be sent to the Flight Operations Policy Department. Details of costs can be found in the CAA Scheme of Charges - General Aviation.



Further Information

FODCOM 04/2008 - "Area Navigation (RNAV) CAA Guidance Material"

Eurocontrol Website - P-RNAV

JAA Administrative and Guidance Material, Section 1, Part 3, TGL 10