Application and guidance information associated with Required Navigation Performance with Authorisation Required (RNP AR)

RNAV (RNP) approach operations are GNSS-based and flown using chart procedures titled RNP. Note: FAA charts may be labelled RNP (SAAAR). This type of approach operation is typically flown at aerodromes with difficult terrain or in challenging ATC environments and may require an RNP as low as 0.1 NM. The required RNP will be labelled on the chart next to the minima. Aircraft will require certification in accordance with EASA AMC 20-26 and crews should be specifically trained for each RNAV (RNP) Approach operation.

Any EASA AOC or private operator wishing to carry out such approach operations must hold an approval issued by the State of aircraft registry and may require special permission from the State of the aerodrome.

Applying for RNAV (RNP) Approach Approval - AOC Holders

Applicants wishing RNAV (RNP) Approach approval are requested to contact the Flight Operations Policy Department. At present, no charge is made for RNAV (RNP) Approach Approval for AOC Holders. Applicants should also inform their assigned Flight Operations Inspector.

Applying for RNAV (RNP) Approach Approval - Non-AOC Holders

Private operators must contact the Flight Operations Policy Department.

Further Information

FODCOM 04/2008 - "Area Navigation (RNAV) CAA Guidance Material"

EASA AMC 20-26