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Business aircraft operators do not hold an Air Operator Certificate (AOC) and they do not carry fare-paying passengers. However, business aircraft utilize the same airspace as AOC aircraft and are often fitted with hi-tech equipment that can have similar performance capabilities and require equivalent approval.

Details of costs for business aviation operators requiring navigation approvals can be found in the CAA Scheme of Charges - General Aviation.

Details of procedures to obtain the approvals listed below can be found on the Navigation Approvals webpage:
  • RVSM
  • MNPS
  • RNAV10 (RNP-10)
  • RNAV5 (B-RNAV)
  • RNAV1 (P-RNAV)

Corporate Aviation Safety Executive (CASE)

CASE was formed by a like minded group of Safety Managers in an effort to collate data and monitor trends over the whole business aviation community with the express purpose of improving aviation safety.

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Business Aviation Safety Partnership (BASP)

"BASP: Working together to make the UK a World leader in safe business aviation."

The CAA is working with the business aviation industry and associated stakeholders to monitor safety information and share best practices. The BASP provides a forum for the CAA and its stakeholders to jointly consider regulatory and safety issues and to promote aviation safety in the business aviation sector.

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