Flying Displays and Special Events

Application and guidance information associated with aircraft operation at Flying Displays and Special Events

Displays and events

Flying displays

If you are planning a flying display that will be open to the public then you will need permission from us.

Guidance for display and event organisers is available in CAP403 Flying Displays and Special Events.   

A quick reference display administration guide is also availble.

The application form to apply for permission is SRG1303 Flying Display Notification Form.     

You can check the cost in our scheme of charges.     

Display pilots

Before you can perform at an approved flying display you will need a display authorisation. This requires you to undertake an approval flight for a display evaluator.

The form to upgrade a display authorisation is SRG1300

The form to renew a display authorisation is SRG1302.

Queries about display authorisations should be sent to

You can check the cost in our scheme of charges.  

We publish advice for display pilots in Civil Air Displays - A Guide for Pilots.    

Other flying events

Some other flying events require our permission, for example a flying club competition day that will mean aircraft may not be complying with the normal rules of the air.

You will also need our permission if you plan to have items dropped from aircraft as part of the event. There is usually a charge for this unless you are dropping flower petals at a remembrance ceremony or scattering ashes. The form to apply for these permissions is SRG1304 Special Events and Unusual Aerial Activity - Application Form.  

You can check the cost in our scheme of charges.   

We publish guidance for the organisers of these events and others that do not require our permission in CAP403 Flying Displays and Special Events.  

We also publish guidance for organisers of events where there may be a significant number of helicopter flights.