Charity Flights

Application and guidance information associated with Charity Flights

The conditions and guidance material that should be read before the planning of a charity flight can be found in NATS Aeronautical Information Circular (AIC) W 104/2012.

What constitutes a charity flight?

  • The carriage of passengers on an aircraft for which any payments made are donated in their entirety to a registered charity.
  • The carriage of passengers on a flight as a prize in a lottery, the total proceeds of which are donated to a registered charity.
  • A sponsored flight for which the total proceeds are donated to a registered charity.

Obtaining Permission from the CAA

The AIC contains a number of Annexes which list the conditions for conducting Charity Flights.  Provided the conditions within these Annexes are complied with, then the flights may be conducted in accordance with the General Permission for Charity Flights.

For a flight not covered under the AIC, an application form attached to the AIC can be completed and submitted to the CAA.  Further advice and guidance can be sought from the GA Unit or the contact numbers listed on the AIC.



The CAA makes no charges in respect of charity flights.