The Maximum Declared Take Off Weight Variation Scheme

A scheme exists for AOC holders to vary the MDTOW of their aircraft for operational reasons. Further information is provided in FODCOM 20/09- "Variable Maximum Take-off Weight"

The following data reflects the declared MDTOW of the aircraft as notified to the CAA Applications and Approvals Department by their operators in accordance with FODCOM 20/09.

The "Effective date" in these files is the date from which the subject aircraft will operate using the associated MDTOW as notified by the operator.

In notifying the CAA of this MDTOW, the operator has undertaken to record it in the aircraft's Operations Manual.

The CAA accepts no responsibility arising from failure on the part of an operator to declare a MDTOW change.

Please note: Any associated Noise Certificate will reflect the maximum certified weight for each aircraft, and will not be re-issued each time the operating weight changes.