Ex-Military Aircraft

Information associated with the operation of an Ex Military aircraft on the UK Register

Aircraft designed for military purposes may be granted Permits to Fly by the CAA subject to demonstration of acceptable airworthiness in accordance with CAA procedures and requirements.

CAP 632 - "Operation of 'Permit to Fly' Ex-Military Aircraft on the UK Register" is a comprehensive source of information and provides guidance on the following topics:

  • Applicability
  • Technical Requirements
  • Specialist Equipment and Systems
  • Pilot/Crew Qualification
  • Operational Requirements
  • Recording and Audit Procedure
  • The Compilation of an OCM
  • Safety Management Checklist
  • Experience Requirements for Fly Jet or High Performance Piston Engine Aeroplanes
  • Specimen Pre-Flight Briefing
  • Appropriate Flying Clothing and Safety Equipment
  • Conduct of the Audit Visit

Anyone intending to register an ex-military aircraft in the UK should contact the Flight Operations Inspectorate (General Aviation).

Ex-military aircraft may be maintained in accordance with British Civil Airworthiness Requirements (BCAR) Section A A8-20. Organisations approved by the CAA in accordance with BCAR Section A A8-20 are listed in the relevant list located at www.caa.co.uk/ukao.

Organisation Control Manual (OCM)

An OCM is a requirement for the following categories of aircraft operating on a UK Permit to Fly:

  • ex-military aircraft weighing more than 2730kg MTOW

  • piston engine aircraft with a rating of 800HP or more

  • turbine or turbojet engine aircraft weighing less than 2730kg MTOW

CAP 632 Annex A - "A Guide to the Compilation of an Organisation Control Manual" provides further information.

CAA work in relation to the approval or updating of an OCM does not currently incur any costs. However, the CAA reserves the right to charge for any additional work that proves necessary.

Some ex-military aircraft are capable of flight at speeds in excess of 250 knots. Permission must be obtained before flight at such speed is undertaken.

Applying for Permission to exceed 250 knots IAS below FL100

CAA Form SRG 1318, together with the appropriate fee, should be sent to the Flight Operations Inspectorate (General Aviation). Details of costs can be found in the CAA Scheme of Charges - General Aviation.