Information regarding Microlight aircraft

A microlight aeroplane is one designed to carry not more than two persons which has a Maximum Total Weight Authorised (MTWA) not exceeding:

  • 300 kg for a single seat landplane.


  • 390 kg for a single seat landplane for which a UK Permit to Fly or Certificate of Airworthiness was in force prior to 1 January 2003


  • 450 kg for a two seat landplane


  • 330 kg for a single seat amphibian or floatplane


  • 495 kg for a two seat amphibian or floatplane

A microlight must also have either a wing loading at the maximum weight authorised not exceeding 25 kg per square metre or a stalling speed at the maximum weight authorised not exceeding 35 knots calibrated speed.

All UK registered aeroplanes falling within these parameters are Microlight aeroplanes.

Please note: The above definition of a Microlight is not a applicable to rotorcraft or gyroplanes.



Regulation (EC) 216/2008 excludes Microlights from European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Regulations and so they remain subject to National rules.

However, the definition of a Microlight in Regulation (EC) 216/2008 does not include single seat aeroplanes with a MTWA above 300 kg or aircraft meeting the wing loading limit in the above definition.

As a result, single seat Microlights with a MTWA above 300kg may not be approved for the issue of a Permit to Fly. The CAA is considering what action is required for single seat aircraft approved prior to 1 January 2003 with a MTWA of between 300 and 390 kg.

Microlight aircraft approved since the introduction of EASA are required to meet the stall speed requirements specified above.

Aircraft accepted prior to the introduction of EASA on the basis of wing loading alone are considered to meet the stall speed requirement.




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