Model Aircraft

Information associated with the operation of Model Aircraft

CAP 658 - "Model Aircraft: A Guide to Safe Flying" is a comprehensive source of information regarding model aircraft. It defines the relevant rules and regulations and provides information on the following topics:

  • General information
  • Legal requirements
  • Models between 20 and 150 kg exemptions and permissions
  • Learning to fly
  • Safety considerations
  • Flying radio-controlled models
  • Other models
  • Control frequencies
  • Model flying sites- models over 7 kg
  • Electricity board guidelines
  • Military low flying
  • Model displays
  • Occurrence reporting
  • First Person View

Please refer to the Unmanned Aircraft webpage for more information about unmanned aircraft and aerial work flying.

Applying for an Exemption- Aircraft over 20 kg

The Large Model Association (LMA) run an "over 20 kg" scheme for model aircraft. Enquiries regarding this scheme should be made directly to the LMA.

Applying for an Exemption- Flying displays and competitions

Organisers of flying displays or competitions will need to establish whether a CAA Exemption is required.

In regulated airspaceOutside regulated airspace

Air traffic control permission is not required for model aircraft below 7 kg. However, the relevant air traffic control should be consulted at least 28 days prior to the event.

Air traffic control permission is required for model aircraft of 7 kg or more. The relevant air traffic control should be consulted at least 28 days prior to the event.

Permission must be obtained from the CAA for model aircraft over 7 kg to be flown over 400 ft above ground level.

Further Information

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Scottish Aeromodellers Association

British Association of Radio Control Soarers