Special Approvals


The Applications and Approvals Department will charge for replacements and copies of documents to be issued at the owners/operators request, however please note that the charge will be applied per certificate.

The following organisations have been granted special approvals to carry out specific activities on behalf of the CAA. The full terms of their approval are set out in their individual expositions.

British Balloon and Airship Club (BBAC)

The BBAC deal with Certificates of Airworthiness (Issue and Export), re-registrations, replacement documents, and renewal recommendations for airship Certificates of Airworthiness.

They submit the appropriate application forms and fees to us on behalf of owners and manufacturers and ensure that all necessary maintenance is properly accomplished. They conduct inspections to confirm and maintain the continued validity of a Certificate of Airworthiness.

British Microlight Aircraft Association (BMAA)

The BMAA is approved by the CAA to make recommendations for the Issue and renewal of Permits to Fly for microlight aircraft.

Applications for the issue or replacement of a Permit to Fly for microlight aircraft should be submitted to the BMAA.

They also liaise with the CAA regarding re-registration of microlights and modifications made to them. Their officers co-ordinate the annual inspection of microlights and advise the CAA accordingly, so that a Permit remains valid.

British Gliding Association (BGA)

The BGA is approved by the CAA to make recommendations for the renewal of Certificates of Airworthiness for specified glider tug aircraft weighing 2730kg or less, self-launching powered sailplanes / motor gliders and touring motor gliders.

Applications for such renewals should be submitted directly to the BGA. Certificate of Airworthiness Issue applications, however, should be submitted directly to the CAA.

Light Aircraft Association (LAA)

The LAA deal with amateur-constructed aircraft, some restored vintage light aircraft, recreational and sport flying in the UK.

They are approved to make recommendations to the CAA for the issue and replacement of Permits to Fly and their associated Certificates of Validity.

LAA inspectors undertake the annual survey of aircraft that maintains the validity of a Permit.

They also liaise with the CAA regarding the re-registration of aircraft, the replacement of documentation and modifications carried out on aircraft.

Please refer to the LAA Website for a full type capability list.

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