Revised Schemes of Charges for 2014-15

Information on charges effective from 1 April 2014

On 14 March, the CAA published its revised Schemes of Charges for 2014/15.

This includes a new Scheme reflecting the cost recovery for the newly transferred aviation security function received from the DfT with effect from 1 April 2014.  The CAA has also published a response document to the industry submissions from the CAA Charges 2014/15 Consultation. 

Overall there have been no increases in our existing charges and in some areas we have been able to reduce charges together with making some alleviations in the newly introduced Aviation Security Scheme through transparent and effective consultation with industry.

In line with the CAA Strategic Plan, the CAA remains committed to increasing its efficiency and controlling its costs while investing in new processes, systems and skills in order to modernise its approach to aviation regulation and to achieve further savings in the future to provide improved value for money in all of its activities.