Passengers with Restricted Mobility - Your Rights as a Passenger

Information about special assistance

If you have restricted mobility, airline travel can be especially challenging and stressful without good planning and effective support from airlines and agents.  Under European law, all passengers who are disabled or have difficulty moving around are entitled to receive assistance when they fly, free of charge.

  • Advance notification is the key to ensuring airports and airlines are providing you with the assistance that best suits your needs.  

Together with ABTA, we recently launched new guidelines - Pre-Notification Guidance  for Supporting Passengers with Reduced Mobility for the travel industry  - which aims to give information and advice to travel companies and airports on how to provide the best experience for passengers who require assistance at airports.

The key focus of the new guidelines is on pre-notification.  This is essential to help ensure the airports put the right resources in place at the right time to provide assistance to you if you have difficulty moving around.  We hope the new guidelines will ensure a smooth and seamless experience for passengers from collecting the right information at booking right the way through to ensuring that the right resources are in place when they arrive at the airport.
If you have restricted mobility and find you are not receiving the level of support and help you feel you need, you can contact us to look into the problem and we may take up your complaint with the airline or airport concerned.

The guidance is available here: Pre-Notification Guidance.

More information on special assistance is available in our Passenger Portal.