Consultation - CAP 168 - Licensing of Aerodromes

ASD Consultation on Review of CAP 168

The purpose of this amendment to CAP 168 is to propose changes to the requirements for licensed aerodromes.  Several factors have driven the need for and timing of this amendment.  These include changes to the ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) that are likely to take effect during 2008 and 2009, incorporating information from NOTALs into CAP 168, developments of good practice from industry, changes to technology and responses to AAIB recommendations.  Incorporating these changes will ensure that CAP 168 remains current in the run-up to EASA undertaking rulemaking for aerodromes for countries in the European Union, which is expected during 2012.

Consultation Details
Start Date:23 April 2008
Closing Date:11 July 2008
Outcome:Revised CAP 168 issued December 2008
Final Documents:

Comment Response Document

Consultation Documents:

Letter of Consultation
Notice of Proposed Amendments (NPA) Document

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This consultation has closed.