Consultation - Proposal to Amend the ANO Concerning Operators of Helicopters Engaged in Offshore Operations Including UK Oil and Gas Exploitation.

Proposal to amend Articles 42, 155 and Schedule 9 of the ANO 2005 (now Articles 247, 255 and Schedule 8 of the ANO 2009) for the purpose of introducing an additional responsibility for operators of helicopters operating offshore flights including in support of oil and gas exploitation within the United Kingdom continental shelf airspace, new definitions and an additional requirement to be included in the operations manual.

Consultation Details
Start Date:26 September 2007
Closing Date:19 December 2007
Outcome:The Air Navigation Order will not be amended at this time. It is intended that this requirement will be included in future European Regulations.
Final Documents:
  • Letter of Intent - FODCOM 14/10
  • Impact Assessment Version 2
  • Letter of Intent - FODCOM 30/08
  • Impact Assessment Version 1
  • Consultation Documents:
  • Consultation Document and Regulatory Impact Assessment - FODCOM 25/07
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