Consultation - Review of Aerodrome Facilities Team

Review of Aerodrome Facilities providing Rescue and Firefighting Services categorised as Special, 1 and 2

The CAA has recently completed a series of regulatory and strategic reviews of general aviation in the UK, including a review by the Light Aviation Airports Study Group (LAASG) of the regulatory provision at certain licensed aerodromes. Details of the LAASG can be found at

The LAASG review resulted in three recommendations being made to the CAA. To address one these recommendations, namely to conduct a review of the licensing criteria for RFFS Category Special, 1 and 2 aerodromes, a Review of Aerodrome Facilities Team (RAFT) was established.  The RAFT has now concluded its work and is making a number of proposals regarding the regulation of those aerodromes where RFFS Category Special, 1 and 2 is provided. The purpose of this consultation is to invite your comments on the proposals of the RAFT.

Consultation Details
Start Date:3 October 2007
Closing Date:3 January 2008


NOTAL 4/2008 information incorporated into July 2010 edition of CAP 168 Licensing of Aerodromes.
Initial Emergency Response Training Framework Document published on Aerodrome Standards 'RFF Toolkit' web page.

Final Documents:

NOTAL 4/2008 RFFS Category Special Aerodromes, Initial Emergency Responder, published.
Summary of Responses
Comments Response Document: Additional Comments Received

Consultation Documents:

Letter of Consultation and Appendices

Submissions:This consultation is now closed