Consultation - CAA Response to the General Aviation Red Tape Challenge

Following the General Aviation (GA) Red Tape Challenge, which found that the current regulatory regime is often too prescriptive, impractical and inappropriate, the government and Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) announced plans to transform the way in which the UK’s GA sector is regulated. The Government and the CAA would welcome your feedback on this response to the GA Red Tape Challenge. We would also welcome any suggestions for growth projects.

Consultation Details
SponsorGeneral Aviation Unit
Status:Open for comments and suggestions
Start Date:6 November 2013

Closing Date:


6 December 2013
Documents:CAA Response to the GA Red Tape Challenge

The CAA would like to thank all those who took the opportunity to comment on its response to the Government's General Aviation Red Tape Challenge.  51 substantive comments were received, all of which have been passed to the Challenge Panel that the Government set up to act as a critical friend to the CAA in responding to the red tape challenge.  The Challenge Panel aims to submit its interim report to Ministers in January 2014, and its final report by April 2014.

Most responses were from the self-propelled hang gliders community who asked if foot launched aircraft may have a wheeled undercarriage while still being able to be foot launched.  The CAA will consider this suggestion seriously.  The ballooning community submitted the second highest number of comments, including the subject of EASA's proposed age restriction.  The CAA has already challenged this restriction saying that there is no medical evidence for such a restriction.  Other responses covered a broad range of issues that both the Challenge Panel and CAA will consider carefully.