Consultation - UK Strategy for Human Factors in Civil Aviation

To consult on a draft Strategy for Human Factors. It is intended as a broad and high level document from which detailed action plans will be developed. Your views are requested in order to ensure that the fundamental strategy reflects industry interests and concerns.

Consultation Details
SponsorSafety Regulation Group, Group Safety Services
Start Date:30 April 2013
Closing Date:

5 August 2013


The outcome of this consultation will result in a revised Strategy document.  It is not intended to create a detailed comment response document. 

Consultation Documents


Safety First: A Strategy for Human Factors in Civil Aviation

HF Competencies - referenced by the Strategy (Draft)

HF One-Year Plan (Draft)


Contact Details:

Hazel Courteney 01293 573529


By e-mail to: or by post:

Ben Alcott, Head of Group Safety Services, Civil Aviation Authority, Aviation House, Gatwick Airport South, West Sussex, RH6 0YR