Consultation - CAP 729 Guidance on Aerodrome Development Procedures

Proposed amendment to CAP 729 to reflect changes to the procedure to be used to notify the CAA of developments on aerodromes, incorporate SMS principles, and to include guidance to help ensure developments comply with licensing criteria and are managed safely. [Subsequently given a new title to more accurately reflect its contents and thus a new CAP number - CAP 791).

Consultation Details
Start Date:1 March 2010
Closing Date:12 April 2010 (subsequently extended to 26 April 2010)
Outcome:CAP 791 Changes to Aerodrome Infrastructure published on 30 June 2010.
Final Documents (CAP 791):
  • CAP 791 Comment Response Document
  • 2nd Consultation (CAP 791) Documents:
  • Letter of Consultation
  • Notice of Proposed Amendment (01/2010)
  • CAP 791 Draft Document
  • Submissions to CAP 791 Consultation:

    This consultation is now closed.

    Final Documents (CAP 729):

    Comment Response Document

    Initial Consultation Documents (CAP 729) for reference:
  • Letter of Consultation
  • Notice of Proposed Amendment
  • CAP 729 Draft Document
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