Consultation - Meaning of Self Propelled Hang Gliders

A Proposal to Amend the Meaning of 'Self-Propelled Hang-Glider' as set out in Article 155 of the Air Navigation Order 2005.

Consultation Details
Status: Open
Start Date: 16 February 2009
Closing Date: 18 March 2009
Outcome: To be published
Final Documents:
  • Consultation Documents:
  • Post Consultation Letter of Intent
  • Annex to Letter of Intent
  • Proposal and Invitation to Comment
  • Annex A to Proposal
  • Contact Details:
    Submissions: Comments to be returned by post to: Mr C J Whittaker, Airworthiness Strategy and Policy Department, Aviation House, 2E, Gatwick Airport South, Crawley, W Sussex,  RH6 OYR; or by e-mail to: