Aviation Intelligence

To help users understand and use statistical data

Aviation Intelligence is pleased to announce its new consultancy service. We can offer our experience to help you develop your own aviation themed research programme. View our brochure to find out more information.

Our webpages contain a wealth of information that can be downloaded for free as well as details how you can access our bespoke data query service.


We provide advice and tailored analysis to organisations needing to better understand demand for air travel to and from the UK. Our information is used throughout the industry for a number of analytical purposes, but primarily to assist with: -

  • Traffic Forecasting
  • Route Development
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Economic Studies/Market Understanding


To assist in these areas we provide information from the following sources:-

  • Departing Passenger Survey
  • Airport Statistics
  • Punctuality Statistics

Needing Help?

If you are having problems locating the specific information that you need then feel free to contact one of our analysts who will be happy to help you.