CAA AIM Stakeholder Workshop

This page contains material related to the ADQ IR and will be continually updated as the CAA progresses towards the implementation of State Policy that will facilitate stakeholder compliance to the regulation.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is holding a workshop, co-hosted by National Air Traffic Services Ltd (NATS), where they will present the new requirements for the provision of aeronautical information and data. The workshop on the 10th May 2012 at CAA House in London will outline the UK AIM implementation strategy, and the effects of the legislation on UK Stakeholders. Admission to the workshop will be by invitation only.


Eurocontrol ADQ Library

10th May Workshop Material:

Press Release

0 - Opening & Administration

1 - Keynote

2 - Background

3 - AIS to AIM

4 - Foundation - NATS

5 - Requirements on Data Originators & Managers 1

6 - Requirements on Data Originators - NATS


8 - Future Activities