Unusual Aerial Activity

This page provides information about seeking advice on unusual aerial activity such as light shows, firework displays and lasers.

The Airspace Utilisation Section is responsible for processing, facilitating and promulgating the requirements for airspace in respect of special or unusual aerial activity (UAA). A UAA is any event such as an air exercise, trial, display, formation, balloon or kite flight which could adversely affect the normal operation of other airspace users.  In addition the section is also responsible for establishing emergency restriction to flying, restrictions of airspace (temporary) RA(T), and exemptions to enter restricted areas.

Directed Light, Fireworks, Toy Balloons and Sky Lanterns

Details of Outdoor Laser, Searchlight, Firework, Helium-Filled Toy Balloon or Sky Lantern event to be held in the United Kingdom.

Notify the CAA (Form 1918)

CAP 736

Captive Unmanned Gas Balloons

Details of captive unmanned gas balloon activity in the United Kingdom: at or above 60 metres; within an Aerodrome Traffic Zone; within Notified Airspace.

Notify the CAA (Form 1919)

Civil or Military Events that include Military Aircraft participation

Any UK event that includes participation by military aircraft must be notified to the CAA and to the RAF Events Team.

Notify the CAA and the RAF Events Team (Form 1920)