Non Registration

Certificate of Non-Registration

In cases where an aircraft has been manufactured in the UK, or passed through UK ownership, it is common for the importing country to ask for evidence that the aircraft concerned has not been entered on the UK Register of Civil Aircraft.  This is to allow the importing country to continue their registration process, in accordance with the Chicago Convention 1944, by confirming that the aircraft is not registered in another state.

This evidence is produced in the form of a Certificate of Non-registration.  This certificate can be requested by confirming the details of the aircraft concerned, including type, manufacturer and serial number.  This can be done by completing and returning the Non-Registration application form, to the Aircraft Registration section together with the appropriate fee, see forms and fees.

Upon receipt of the application we will produce the certificate, send it to the applicant and also fax the certificate to the importing countries national aircraft register in accordance with our Service Standards.