Change of ownership - sellers information

Information for anyone who is selling their aircraft

If a change of ownership has occurred, or a charter agreement has been terminated or entered into, the registered owner(s) should return the Certificate of Registration to the Aircraft Registration Section, completed and signed at the relevant  section on the reverse.  If the Certificate is not readily available please use the sale notification form.  Alternatively, a short letter or fax signed by the current registered owner(s) confirming the details of the transfer will be sufficient.  The completed certificate should be forwarded to the Aircraft Registration Section office rather than the purchaser in order to avoid delays in re-registration.

Upon receipt of sale notification we shall then re-register the aircraft and notify the seller, or advise of what other actions are required, in accordance with our Service Standards.

Please note that when an aircraft is sold the onus is both on the buyer and the seller to notify the CAA of the change.  If you are the seller, it is a legal obligation and in your interests to notify the CAA immediately as you may still be deemed to be responsible for the aircraft until the CAA is made aware of the change.

Please note that the registration process is separate from the requirements to gain a Certificate of Airworthiness or Permit to Fly.  For information on Certificates of Airworthiness or Permits to Fly please contact the Applications and Approvals Section of the CAA on telephone (01293) 768374 or fax (01293) 573860.