Change of ownership - Buyers Information

Information for anyone intending to purchase an aircraft

Any person intending to take ownership, or to become the charterer of, an aircraft on the UK Register of Civil Aircraft is advised to check the registered ownership of the aircraft and to conduct a search of the UK Register of Aircraft Mortgages before completion of the transaction. See Mortgage Searches.

Once ownership has changed, or a charter has commenced, the new owner or charterer should complete a CA1 Application form and return it, together with the appropriate fee, to the CAA's Aircraft Registration Section

  • Please ensure that the application form is completed in full in order not to delay the re-registration of the aircraft. 
  • The CA1 Application form can be completed online, however, as the form needs to be signed by the applicant it cannot be submitted online and must therefore be printed. 
  • Once printed and signed the form can be scanned and emailed or faxed to the Aircraft Registration Section.  
  • As long as either credit or debit card details are included on the form there is no need to send a hard copy version of the form as well.

The new owner has up to 28 days from becoming the owner to apply to re-register the aircraft.  Any delay in re-registering the aircraft could result in its removal from the UK Register which effectively grounds the aircraft.

Evidence of insurance, or a declaration that the aircraft will not fly until evidence of insurance has been supplied to the CAA must also be supplied with your application to register.  Details of  the requirements are included on the CA1 Application form.  For further information please see Mandatory Insurance Requirements.

Upon receipt of an application we will re-register the aircraft, or advise the applicant of any other actions that are required, within the time-scales specified in our Service Standards.  The other actions that are required may vary, although generally we require the current registered owners to confirm in writing that they have transferred the aircraft.  This is usually achieved by the present registered owner completing the relevant section on the reverse of the current Certificate of Registration and returning it to the Aircraft Registration Section or by completing the sale notification form.

If the aircraft is the subject of an Irrevocable De-Registration and Export Request Authorisation (“IDERA”) this must be revoked before the aircraft can be re-registered. Please see IDERA revocation process for further details.

If you have a requirement to register the aircraft urgently a Same Day service is available upon payment of an additional fee. Please see Service Standards for further details.

If the aircraft is being purchased from someone other than the registered owner please ensure that you can identify a full chain of ownership from the last registered owner to the person purporting to be the owner of the aircraft.

Please note that the registration process is separate from the requirements to gain a Certificate of Airworthiness or Permit to Fly.  For information on Certificates of Airworthiness or Permits to Fly please contact the Applications and Approvals Department of the CAA on telephone (01293) 768374 or fax (01293) 573860. New owners are reminded that once they become the owner of a UK Registered aircraft that they are responsible for ensuring that the aircraft is fully maintained and operated in line with the requirements of the Certificate of Airworthiness or Permit to Fly.

Please note that you may require a radio licence to be issued in respect of this aircraft, please contact Radio Licensing for further details.

The registration marks of the aircraft can also be changed at the time of re-registration, for further details see Change of Registration Marks.