Entry of Priority Notice

Entry of a Priority Notice

A Priority notice can be lodged as a notice of an intention to enter a mortgage on the UK Register of Aircraft Mortgages.  Priority of competing entries is established by the date and time of entry of Priority Notices or Mortgage Entries on the UK Register of Aircraft Mortgages rather than the creation dates of the mortgages themselves.   

To enter a Priority Notice the form please complete form CA1330 Entry of Priority Notice. This form can be completed online but must be printed, signed by or on behalf of the mortgagee and then submitted to the Aircraft Registration Section.

Once printed and signed all documentation can be submitted as scanned documents via email to aircraft.reg@caa.co.uk .If all the relevant information has been submitted as scanned documents there is no requirement to send in hard copy originals.

This form should be sent to the Aircraft Registration section together with the appropriate fee, see Forms and Fees.  Priority Notice forms submitted by email must be accompanied by debit or credit card payment using form CA02. Again, this form can be completed online but it must be printed and signed before scanning and emailing. If we do not receive the fee with the application then we will be unable to process it.

The priority notice is valid for 14 working days (the day of entry being recorded as the first day), the expiry date being 16:00hrs of the fourteenth working day.  The priority notice then expires at the end of the 14 day period unless it is followed up with a further Priority Notice, or the entry of aircraft mortgage.  A priority notice can be entered over any aircraft, even if the aircraft concerned is not currently entered on the UK Register of Civil Aircraft.

As the order of priority of entries in the UK Register of Aircraft Mortgages is determined by the date and time of receipt by the CAA applications can also be made in person between 10:00 - 16:00 hrs at the Aircraft Registration Section.

Once a priority notice is entered in the UK Register of Aircraft Mortgages, Aircraft Registration will inform all parties concerned with the proposed mortgage by email or letter in accordance with our Service standards.