Mortgage Register Search

Aircraft Mortgage Register Search

Prospective buyers of and lenders over aircraft are advised to conduct a search of the UK Register of Aircraft Mortgages prior to the transaction. This will reveal whether the aircraft is the subject of any registered mortgages but does not provide information on liens or outstanding debts such as landing fees.  A search can be carried out by completing and forwarding the CA350 application form together with the appropriate fee to the Aircraft Registration Section.   The form can be completed online, however, as the form requires a signature it must be printed and signed before being faxed or emailed to the Aircraft Registration Section.

Alternatively, a request for a search can be made by telephone on (020) 7453 6666 providing you have the aircraft registration mark of the aircraft you wish to search and your credit card details ready. 

The aircraft itself does not have to be entered on the UK Register of Civil Aircraft for a mortgage search to be carried out, providing the aircraft type and serial number are quoted.

We will endeavour to fax the results on the same day, or the following day, of the request in accordance with our Service Standards.  The search includes details of the registered owner, any mortgages entered on the UK Register of Aircraft Mortgages, the parties involved and the date and time of entry.

Please note that the Register of Aircraft Mortgages is only open between the hours of 10:00 and 16:00 on working days, as such searches can only be carried out during these periods.  Searches received outside of these hours will be carried out as soon as possible once the Register is open again.