Aircraft Surveys

Application and guidance information associated with Aircraft Surveys

Surveys of UK Registered Aircraft

Surveys are carried out by CAA Regional Office Surveyors to ensure the initial or continued airworthiness of an aircraft and compliance with all applicable safety and continued airworthiness requirements. Surveys are often conducted in relation to the issue or renewal of a UK Certificate of Airworthiness or Permit to Fly.

In the event of any issues being noted, the aircraft owner and, where appropriate, the maintenance organisation will be notified and given a specific period of time within which to address and rectify the situation.

Follow up action may be taken to ensure that the matter has been resolved fully. If necessary, a "Direction to Prevent Flying" may be issued. In these circumstances, the aircraft will not be permitted to resume flight until the issue has been resolved to the satisfaction of the CAA.

Directions can be issued to any aircraft registered in the UK or that has arrived in the UK and has been deemed unfit for flight.

Surveys of Foreign Registered Aircraft in the UK

Safety Assessments of Foreign Aircraft (SAFA) inspections in the UK are carried out by the CAA on behalf on the Department for Transport (DfT) in order to collate and exchange information relating to the safety of foreign aircraft.

Checks are usually random although requests are received from the DfT for particular operators, aircraft Types or specific flights to be included in the program. In order to ensure accurate assessment, a proportion of the inspections are performed out-of-hours.

In turn, UK registered aircraft are subject to SAFA Inspections by other European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) National Aviation Authorities

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