Checklists and Guidance for AOC Holders

Links to useful documents for aeroplane or helicopter AOC holders

The following documents will be useful for AOC operators, particularly when varying the AOC. They will also be provided to AOC applicants for submission along with the Operations Manual:

For Aeroplanes:

Operations Manual Checklist (EU-OPS)

Operations Approval Checklist (EU-OPS)

Form for Compliance with EU-OPS Subparts K and L

Form for Compliance with JAR-26 Subpart B

Form for Compliance with EASA-OPS Part CAT.IDE-A

CAA Form 4 (SRG2815) (EU-OPS) - To be used for the nomination of personnel, with the exception of Safety Managers, up to 28 October 2014.

CAA Form 4 (SRG2815A) (EASA-OPS) - To be used for the nomination of Safety Managers (and from 28 October 2014 all other nominated personnel)

For Helicopters:

Operations Manual Checklist (JAR-OPS 3)

Operations Approval Checklist (JAR-OPS 3)

Form for Compliance with JAR-OPS 3 Subparts K and L

CAA Form 4

Form for Compliance with EASA IR Part - CAT. IDE-H


The relevant Dangerous Goods specimen Operations Manual entry will be useful for an operator preparing their Operations Manual.


The following documents may be useful when applying for an AOC for helicopter operations:

 FODCOM 11/2009Demonstration of Compliance with the Requirements of the ANO 2005 (Schedules 4 and 5), EU-OPS and JAR-OPS 3 (Subparts K and L) and JAR-26

Checklist for CAA Specification No. 22

Helicopter MEL Preparation Guide

Compliance Document for Helicopter Operations

a) without an assured safe forced landing capability during take-off and landing - (single-engine operations in non-congested hostile environment only),
b) without an assured safe forced landing capability - (offshore in support of oil and gas),
c) to Public Interest Sites - (HEMS/Lighthouse operations only) and
d) over a hostile environment located outside a congested area - (Pipeline and low-level operations)

Compliance Document for Helicopter Operations requiring the installation of a VHM system - ANO 2009 Article 115 (offshore in support of oil and gas)

The following chapters of CAP 789 are of particular relevance for helicopter operations:

  • 17 - Dangerous Goods, Weapons and Munitions of War;
  • 20 - Additional Procedures for Helicopters;
  • 21 - Miscellaneous Provisions Affecting Helicopter Operations;
  • 22 - Minimum Weather Conditions for Helicopter Overwater Operations;
  • 23 - Selection of Offshore Alternates; and
  • 28 - Additional Factors for Helicopter Pilots' Periodic Tests.


Further Information


CAP 789 - Requirements and Guidance Material for Operators