Advisory Publications

Links to various CAPs to assist with the licence application process

The following Publications, available to view and download on the CAA website, will assist you with your application.

CAP 168 Licensing of Aerodromes – this is the guidance document for aerodrome operators and gives details of the minimum requirements for licensed aerodromes.

CAP 393 Air Navigation: the Order and the Regulations – Articles 208 and 211 of the Air Navigation Order 2009 give details of the licensing process.

CAP 232 Aerodrome Survey Information – all licensed aerodromes will need to be surveyed to an appropriate standard.  CAP 232 details the survey requirements to be met for each appropriate type of aerial activity.

CAP 637 Visual Aids Handbook is a compendium of visual aids intended for the guidance of pilots and personnel engaged in the handling of aircraft.

CAP 642 Airside Safety Management – may assist in developing airside procedures.  This gives comprehensive information and guidance on the essential elements for creating a safe ground handling environment for aircraft and individuals.

CAP 683 The Assessment of Runway Surface Friction Characteristics – the objective of this document is to offer guidance on the procedures for undertaking runway surface friction assessments and to define the criteria by which friction values should be assessed, on applicable runways under specified conditions.

CAP 699 Standards for the Competence of Rescue and Firefighting Service Personnel Employed at UK Licensed Aerodromes – describes a model for competence that is aligned to ICAO standards and enables the UK to define its requirements in the form of an acceptable means of compliance.

CAP 700 Operational Safety Competences – gives guidance on the competences appropriate to various operational tasks.

CAP 726 Guidance for Developing and Auditing a Formal Safety Management System and CAP 728 The Management of Safety – provide guidance to industry on how to develop and adopt a system for managing safety.

CAP 738 Safeguarding of Aerodromes – it is recommended by the Government that all licensed aerodromes have in place procedures, in conjunction with the relevant Local Planning Authorities, for safeguarding their aerodromes.  This document gives guidance on safeguarding.

CAP 748 Aircraft Fuelling and Fuel Installation Management – if it is intended to store and dispense fuel at the aerodrome, the applicant must be aware of the requirements of this document and also the relevant parts of the Air Navigation Order.

CAP 772 Birdstrike Risk Management for Aerodromes - this document provides guidance to assist aerodrome operators in establishing and maintaining an effective Bird Control Management Plan (BCMP).

CAP 791 Changes to Aerodrome Infrastructure - This document provides guidance on the procedures to be used to notify the CAA of developments on an aerodrome and other changes to the physical characteristics of an aerodrome. Additionally, it includes guidance to help ensure that changes comply with licensing criteria and are managed safely.