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FAQ Answer

Analysis of Total Turnover – Section 7 of Application Form

In Section 7 of the Application Form (Analysis of Total Turnover) you are asking for a breakdown of turnover to my latest financial year end and a projection to my next financial year end. As my year end is close/has just passed can I provide estimated figures or do I have to wait for the accounts to be signed off?

Small Business ATOL holders do not have to provide accounts so we can accept estimated figures in their case.

What turnover do I need to disclose at Section 7?

Section 7 should disclose the total turnover of your business, not just that which is licensable. If your turnover (or part of it) is stated as commission only, you should provide the gross value as if you had received revenue directly.

I make sales of air travel, which are exempt by class exemption (which can be found on pages 8 to 13 of the Official Record Series 3). Where do I show these sales at Section 7?

With the exception of Airline Ticket Agent Sales made under the IATA Exemption 08/2012, which should be identified as “Sales made as an airline ticket agent”, all other class exempt sales should be identified as “Other Turnover” and you should provide an explanation as to what class exemption applies.

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