Information for the Trade

Information for current ATOL holders and tour operators

Trade News and Updates - CAA announces decision on rebalancing ATOL

About ATOL and How to Apply

An overview of ATOL including information and documentation on how to apply for an ATOL.

Explanations of the application process and the different types of ATOL available. 

Maintain and Renew your ATOL 

Includes information, documentation and access to promotional material in order for you maintain and promote your ATOL.

Also information on Renewing your ATOL and access to the APC online reporting system.

Compliance and Regulation

Provides links to the ATOL Regulations and Amendments, ATOL Policy publications and the Official Record Series 3 (updated on 2 September 2014).

Also links to our Enforcement section.

Licensing Forms and Bonds

Access all licensing forms, including Variation Applications, Licence Holders' and Annual Accountants' Reports.

Also links to our Bond forms and additional bond obligor information.  

Accountable Person - Training


Access the Accountable Person online training course.

Also links to the course FAQ's.

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