Terms of Reference

HFStG Forum - Terms of Reference of JAA HFStG

JAA Human Factors Steering Group - Terms of Reference

  • To propose coordinated actions to address priorities in Human Factors, taking into account CAST/JSSI and EASA analyses.
  • To ensure that HF aspects are properly addressed in requirements for licensing, operations and airworthiness
  • To support the implementation of the ICAO Flight Safety and Human Factors Programme 2005 – 2009.
  • To contribute to future ICAO SARPS and guidance material for Annex 1 and 6, especially in the areas of training for the MPL, CRM, Monitoring of Normal Operations, LOSA and TEM.
  • To be involved in JAA and to comment on EASA rulemaking proposals which have an impact upon the management of risks by individuals and organizations.
  • To foster coordination on Human Factors research activities (there is no intention for the HFStG to manage any research program).
  • To collect information and participate, when required, in the activities of other international bodies or organisations (notably FAA) with the objective of harmonizing activities in HF.
  • To provide information on HF activities to JAA/EASA.
  • To identify needs for HF awareness and activities among JAA/EASA member states and industry.

Note: Adequate coordination will be established with JAA and EASA in order to fulfil the ToR.

List of acronyms:
CRM : Crew Resource Management
LOSA : Line Operations Safety Audits (Observation technique)
MPL: Multi Pilot Licence
TEM : Threat and Error Management (Theoretical concept)

Nov 2004