Briefings: A Human Factors Course for Pilots - Reference Manual.

  • Dédale. 2nd edn 2000 Publishers Dédale, France. ISBN 2-9509979-0-2 
  • Size: 248 pages
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Target Audience / Readership for BRIEFINGS

  • Ab-initio pilots wanting to prepare for the JAR-FCL exam in HP&L
  • Flight Academies and aviation schools wanting to deliver a course covering the JAR-FCL in HP&L
  • Airlines wanting to give their managers, instructors and pilots a more comprehensive Human Factors education, beyond the CRM courses
  • Safety organisations wanting to train their staff in Human Factors
  • Any other individual wanting to grasp the fundamentals of Human Factors and safety in aviation

Key-Features of BRIEFINGS

Comprehensively integrates the JAR-FCL requirements in 10 structured chapters:

  • Lesson 1: General introduction to BRIEFINGS
  • Lesson 2: Aviation Physiology and Health Maintenance
  • Lesson 3: The Pilot’s Mental Abilities & Limitations
  • Lesson 4: Human Error and Human reliability
  • Lesson 5: Decision Making in the cockpit
  • Lesson 6: Communication in the cockpit
  • Lesson 7: Cockpit Resource Management: The individual and the team
  • Lesson 8: Alertness, from Sleep to Stress
  • Lesson 9: Cockpit Automation
  • Lesson 10: The Pilot: a Component in a Complex System

• Goes beyond the JAR syllabus and covers the most relevant human factors concepts in aviation safety

• Integrates the most recent aviation research studies and compiles the latest thinking on Human Factors’ issues

• Presents numerous examples of aviation accidents & incidents

• Has been written by world-renowned academics, industry experts and pilots in a language adapted to aviation professionals

• Is both a stand-alone instructional book on Human Factors and a complete training course for pilots and aviation professionals