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BainesSimmons consulting; Airworthiness and Safety solutions; training and consultancy (including human factors).


Dedale company details; human factors consulting services in safety-critical domains; "Briefings" - human factors course and resources book.


HIFA website (Human factors Integration in Future Air traffic management systems)

EUROCONTROL (Human Factors and Manpower unit )

Human Factors and Manpower unit of EUROCONTROL

RAeS HF Website

UK RAeS HF Website Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS)Human Factors Group; conference details and proceedings; CRM; maintenance & airworthiness; HF discussion forum; aviation/ rail.

Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) Human Factors Division

FAA HF Website

NASA Human Factors

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Human Factors Research and Technology Division

ICON report

HF Report : The Human Factors Implications for Flight Safety of Recent Developments in the Airline Industry

Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA)

JAA web site; Maintenance section includes the JAA Maintenance Human factors Working Group report (additional advisory material in support of JAR145 amendment 5)