ATOL Enforcement

Policing the travel industry

The CAA is responsible for enforcing the ATOL Regulations that stand behind the ATOL system.  In most cases we take an educational and advisory role, but on occasions we will have to take action which may lead to a person or company being prosecuted.

Our enforcement actions are guided by the ATOL enforcement policy

We give advice on all aspects of the ATOL Regulations, and are able to answer queries from both ATOL holders and other air travel businesses.  We can also give advice about the ATOL Regulations and the ATOL system to trade bodies, financial and legal businesses and institutions, and to other regulators and enforcement authorities.

Advice for your travel business

The ATOL Enforcement team can give advice on:

  • Advertising air travel
  • Accepting bookings and payments and issuing customers' documents
  • Applying for an ATOL
  • Other regulations that can apply to the advertising and sale of air travel
PROFiT Anti Fraud Group
PROFiT is a coalition of travel industry partners working together to eliminate fraud in the travel industry. The aim of the group is to give confidence to consumers when booking holidays by giving advice and by highlighting potential pitfalls.

By introducing simple steps within your organisation you can help to protect your business and the customers that book with you.

Visit the PROFiT website for more information:
Contact ATOL Enforcement

Please contact ATOL Enforcement using the following EMail Address: Please note that the immediacy provided by the email system does not imply an immediate response. However, we will seek to deal with your message as soon as possible.

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